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Project Manager: Kristian Madsen

VUC Storstrøm - VUCSTOR

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VUC Storstrøm is an adult education centre with approximately 220 employees, 5500 fulltime/part-time students (=1600 FTEs) and an expected turnover in 2016 of approximately 140 million DKK.

VUC Storstrøm offers General adult education, Higher Preparatory Examination, Preparatory adult education, and a number of special programs for learners with special needs, as well as costumer tailed courses for companies.


VUC Storstrøm covers a region with some 270,000 inhabitants in a rural area, and is represented in 7 cities. The average educational level of the region is significant lower than the average for Denmark, and the unemployment rate is relatively high, not least for the unskilled young adults (< 30).


Vucstor’s departments are connected with Gbit network and all teaching material is digitized or will be within the next year. Being a school under the Danish Ministry of Education VUC Storstrøm use the quality assessment system decided by the ministry. Examination is mandatory in all subjects and on all levels giving formal competences.


VUC Storstrøm has 5 IT-pedagogical specialists working with didactical developments and skills development for teachers in relation to digitization of teaching within the framework of the Nordic teaching tradition.


In collaboration with Aalborg University VUC Storstrøm has a PhD project with special focus on the digitized teaching in Global Classroom. The PhD will be defended in May 2016, and it has been decided that the collaboration with Aalborg University will continue for the next years with focus on gamification in our learning processes.


VUC Storstrøm has experience as lead partner from international projects, among others EC programs Grundtvig, Leonardo and Erasmus+, as well as lead partner in Danish network projects and regional development projects, development and implementation of Global Classroom and we are heading the Knowledge Center for Applied ICT in teaching. Through these projects and activities


VUC Storstrøm has experience within digital facilitation of teaching, meetings and seminars. VUC Storstrøm is specialized in the use of videoconferencing in education. Since 2008 videoconferencing is used to link classrooms, and since 2011 VUC Storstrøm developed and implemented the Global Classroom, where students can attend classes from home via video on their PC. VUC Storstrøm has developed a training program for teachers in Global Classroom and this is also offered to teachers in other schools in Denmark, Europe and around the world.


Kristian Madsen will be responsible for organizing the project in VUC Storstrøm. He has a bachelor degree from teachers college and he is head of the project department. He has represented the organisation in transnational and national projects since 1991 (Leonardo – Adapt – Grundtvig –– Interreg - Phare programs and Nordic programs). Madsen is responsible for the conceptual development of among other E-learning, implementation of interactive boards and the real presence video learning platform. He has designed the project The New Learning Platform with a budget of 3.3 MEuro and support from the European Social Fund. Kristian Madsen has also designed the Regional Knowledge Center for Applied ICT.


He will be assisted by Flemming Nielsen, who is MSc in Technology and Social Science and who works with HRD and as project manager for the Global Classroom, the Knowledge Center for Applied ICT and internationalization based on the video learning platform. Nielsen is an experienced manager of European projects during 25 years in different development bodies and schools.


The STEAM project will also involve Niels Skjølstrup, who has a bachelor degree from teachers college and who heads the pedagogical IT service centre in the organisation. He advises teachers and arranges workshops and training courses on how to integrate ICT in teaching on a daily basis. Skjølstrup is an expert in learning management platforms, interactive boards, software for creative e-learning materials etc. etc. and he was the ICT-pedagogical architect on building the classroom for parallel teaching and Global Classroom, which is unique for the educational sector, also internationally. Skjølstrup was guest speaker at the BETT conference in London 2012 and he was the local project leader on Grundtvig project ICT Networking. Since 2011 Skjølstrup has been co-developer and consultant for the teacher training on the use of real presence video teaching in the project COHAB in the South Baltic Interreg programme.


Anne Isholdt will also contribute to the project. She holds an MSc in IT and has a bachelor’s degree from teachers college. In the organisation Anne Isholdt works as a pedagogical it-consultant with focus at both internal teacher support and external projects involving use of digital media and tools. Among other, she is engaged in the development of the distant learning area, and has an interest in the use of games in education, which was also the subject for her master theses. Anne is skilled at redesigning didactic practices to fit new digital contexts and find suitable digital tools to support different pedagogical approaches. Anne Isholdt has experience with planning and carrying out EU projects based on digital collaboration.


Finally, a team of teachers will be allocated to the project. The team structure for next school year is not decided yet, but for the project it will be teachers working with adults (>18) studying Higher Preparatory education. Theses teachers are educated as MSc and the teams relevant for the project will either focus on games and internalization, or games and innovation/entrepreneurship.

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