Workshop with the Finnish National Board of Education

How can digitalisation increase well-being, quality of education and the joy of learning? What does digital well-being mean? That's the question adressed by Digioppimisen areena 2019 organised in Helsinky on the 3rd and 4th of December.

Participants had the opportunity to develop their digital pedagogical skills by doing it themselves and experimenting with it. The digital learning arena is aimed at teachers and school leaders at all levels of education, tutors, workplace supervisors, IT managers, pedagogical developers and designers, researchers and in-service trainers.

As part of this hands-on event dedicated to digital educational resources, SEDU organised a workshop to demonstrate STEAM online game and collect some feedback, spreading the word of multimodality to teachers and representatives from the Finnish National Board of Education. 86 participants!

Organisers used Padlet-wall to collect the feedback during the session. Players have highlighted that the game contributes to discussion between the teachers, who can comment on the choices they make online in one game. Despite a stationary fealing in the dialogue phase, the immediate feedback encouraged the players to go ahead and reflect. The game appeared suited to support the development and maintenance of teacher skills.


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