Seinäjoki Joint Municipal Authority for Education

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Project Manager: Ozerk Goker

Seinäjoen koulutuskuntayhtymä - SEDU

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Seinäjoki Joint Municipal Authority for Education Sedu consists of Vocational Education Centre Sedu and Sedu Adult Education - in short Sedu. Sedu is among the biggest vocational education and training providers in Finland. There are some 4000 students at the age of 16-19 studying for vocational upper secondary qualification and the staff of 500.


We are a high quality VET school with eight units in the western part of Finland, in the region of South Ostrobothnia. Vocational Education Centre Sedu provides vocational qualifications in the following study sectors: Social Science, Business and Administration, Arts and Crafts, Social Services and Health, Natural Resources, Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services, Technology and Transport Sector


Vocational Adult Education Sedu with its nearly 20 000 students and 220 staff members concentrates on adult training within the system of competence-based qualifications. Sedu works to improve the competitiveness and standard of operations of companies and other organisations by offering them tailored training and development services. Sedu also plays an important role in the integration of immigrants by providing courses in the Finnish language. An important role of the centre is also to provide employment training and career guidance. Mostly the training follows the national competence-based qualifications system but tailored courses for companies are also arranged.


Sedu sees the creation of open and flexible learning environments and individual study paths as essential for the motivation of the students and as a key to successful learning. The same can be said of the wide range of international study opportunities for Sedu’s students and many international opportunities for Sedu’s members of staff. As an acknowledgement of excellence, Sedu recently won a national quality award from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. Quality price is a way of extensive external evaluation by the ministry. Quality assurance tools presently used in Sedu are EFQM for self-assessment and Balance scorecard to support the goal setting and implementation both in organization as well as unit level.


South Ostrobothnia, with more than 208,000 inhabitants, is the sixth-largest market area in the country. The region invests heavily in technology skills as well as food industry research and development.


Sedu has a team of-pedagogical and technical specialists working with digital development and skills development for teachers in relation to digitization of teaching within the framework of national digital agenda and curricula reform.


Digital megatrends are in focus within Sedu’s new organization strategy. The implementation on learning analytics, personalized learning and learning by gaming as pedagogical method are new developing contests in Sedu’s strategy implementation. That brings also new demands and important approaches also in training teachers. Sedu has systematically measured and developed teachers ICT skills also in regional and national projects as lead partner.


Sedu has an extensive national and international cooperation network. The appreciated partnerships exist with different education providers, companies as well as other institutions of work life. Sedu has acted both as a sending and as a receiving partner in student and staff exchanges since 1996. Sedu is also working with several Erasmus+ KA2 as well as ESF projects. As a proof of successful international work Sedu received Erasmus + VET Mobility Charter in 2015 (2015-1-FI01-KA109-009223).


For the STEAM project the contact person is Ozerk Goker. Ozerk has been teaching "Introduction to Economics","International economics and finance", "E-business", "International Business" and "Cross-cultural Management" courses. He facilitates learning with contact hours, inline sessions and blended learning. He is also the coordinator of several projects including Erasmus +, European Social Fund, European Regional Development Fund, Leonardo da Vinci, and Grundtvig projects. Themes of the projects include internationalisation, education export, inclusive entrepreneurship, personal branding and skill development, international education, learning outcomes and social entrepreneurship.


Ozerk will work together with Mrs Minna Haasio (M.Sc.,VET teacher). She has worked as a long-time developer of eLearning. She has 20 years’ experience of teachers´ ICT-training and planning training programs. The development has included leadership, the change of operational culture, digital learning culture, methods of designing learning objects and innovative ways of using digital learning environments and PLEs.


She will be supported for the project administration by Mrs Kirsi Lounela (Master of Social Sciences, teacher). Presently she is working as Manager of International Affairs. She has work experience in managing, developing and implementing international affairs in education since 1998. Developing of the processes related to student and staff mobilities, home internationalization, development of curricula and teaching methods via international projects, supporting internalization of the region, planning and implementing projects funded by European Commission’s (LLL; Erasmus+). She is also member in National ECVET Expert team (European Credit Transfer System in Vocational Education and Training). Previously she worked as an advisor in CIMO, the National Agency for Leonardo da Vinci (LdV) Programme in Finland.

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