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Project Manager: Stephanie Philippe


108 rue Saint Honoré

75001 Paris


+33 1 40 20 98 38

PIC 951308392


The company

Manzalab is French SME specialized in the creation of innovative Serious Games for education and training, based on the most recent findings of neuroscientists studying the human brain learning processes. Manzalab partners and team have developed strong expertise in:

  • Knowledge of human brain learning processes

  • Pedagogy and professional training

  • Game design

  • Videogame production

  • Creative graphic design

  • Virtual Reality


Manzalab is currently employing over 27 people in various departments:

  • Psychology and pedagogy

  • Game design

  • Artistic design and computer graphics

  • Technical integration

  • Development

  • Business development

Market specialists from French consultancy firm IDATE confirm the sound growth perspective of the Serious Game market; from 5,2b€ worldwide in 2015 to a projected 11,7b€ in 2018. This report mentions Manzalab as one of the 5 leaders in France in 2015.


Our R&D and Innovation

Manzalab has developed the proprietary dialogue engine REPLICA, allowing to simulate dialogues between human beings and virtual characters. With this engine and other in house developed features, Manzalab creates generic or custom-made innovative learning tools in various fields such as management, organization, security, health, customer relation, negotiation etc. and in various sectors, such as Health, Banking, Car Industry, Insurance, Environment, Telecommunications, Children Education, Adult Training Services.

Manzalab is involved in several R&D projects, including ELAN: together with the French Department of Education, Inserm (French Institute for Health and Medical Research) and ENS (Ecole Normale Supérieure), Manzalab conceives and tests an advanced digital reading method for young children.


Manzalab is also conducting the R&D project NEUROVIRTUAL: together with the French Department of Defense, Manzalab conceives and tests an innovative solution to improve training simulators through the analysis of decision making processes taking into account neurocognitive factors measured with EEG headsets.

Among others, Manzalab is also involved in NEUROSTARS, an Eurostars project started late 2016 and aiing at the development of a 3D tool to visualise brain imaging from patient. The developed tool will be used by healthcare professinals, especially neurosurgeons, students and patients as a support to the Shared Decision Making. It involves French and Dutch partners.


Renown partners and clients

Manzalab is the partner for digital transformation of French governmental organization AFPA, the largest European center for Adults Vocational Training; together, they created Serious Games designed as tools for trainers on sites, as well as allowing trainees to perform training sessions from their homes without having to travel.


Manzalab is also the partner of Samsung and HTC Accelarator Vive X program. Our products are presented in Accenture Innovation lab world wide.

The Project Team

A dedicated project team gathers the required experience in putting together training solutions on the basis of thorough pedagogical analysis and is in charge of the implementation of STEAM project:

  • Julien Caporal, Head of Pedagogy

  • Valérie Radelet, Head of Customer Relationship

  • Yann Tambellini, Head of Production

  • Maurice Leblond, Business Developer

  • Gaelle Oliveau, Game designer

  • Laetitia De Doncker, Pedagogical Engineer

  • Nicolas Cabos, Head of Scenario Department

  • Logan Pronier, Scenarist

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