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Coventry University (COVUNI) is a top post-1992 university in the UK and a leader in applied research. Voted Entrepreneurial University of the Year in 2011 and Modern University in 2013, the university has a reputation for student satisfaction, business engagement, innovation and entrepreneurship. The university has an excellent track record in engagement with Europe and European research and development and is the No. 1 UK University for European placements. COVUNI has a wide experience in coordinating EU projects such as IRSES, ECODRY, RICHES, SWING, REPLACE2 and CLUSTER2020. We are also involved in coordinating the R&D work package as the Scientific Coordinator for the EU Funded Games and Learning Alliance (GALA) network of excellence in SGs consisting of 31 partners.


COVUNI is a model for industrial/higher education partnerships, combining advanced research with business incubation, digital media clustering and sophisticated networking, training and demonstration facilities. The Research Division has so far supported the main strands of applied research, consultancy and events. The Institute has a very successful track record of securing funding as a partner in a wide portfolio of projects being funded through European Union, European Regional Development, Technology Strategy Board, Prime Ministers Initiative Fund, Higher Education Funding Council, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and many others. The Research Division currently holds 23 projects, including 13 European Union funded projects, such as the Scientific Coordination of EU Network of Excellence in Serious Games (GALA), EU FP7 STREP MASELTOV, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Centre (EPSRC) BuildTEDDI and the Serious Games Design Award (SRHE).

COVUNI has a great experience in participating in European projects. The team involved in the STEAM project will include:

  • Dr. Petros Lameras: He is a Senior Researcher at the Serous Games Institute. His research interests span the areas of technologyenhanced learning in general and within the research strand of mapping pedagogical models and principles to game design, with a strong focus on integrating the learning design methodology as way of guiding and supporting academics and learners to create pedagogically-driven game designs and game ideas. He has worked as a researcher in European and national RTD projects exploring the use of technology in learning as well as the integration of games and digital content for developing authentic and meaningful teaching and learning experiences. He has been engaged in supporting and guiding teachers in designing, describing, capturing and representing their teaching ideas by developing case studies and learning activity design templates. Petros has coordinated, managed and implemented a number of EU educational research projects, exploring the use of technology and serious games in formal (schools and universities) and informal (museums, science centres) learning settings.

  • Dr. Ian Dunwell: He is a Senior Researcher at the Serious Games Institute, currently leading the area of educational games. Having obtained his PhD in Computer Science in 2007, he also holds a degree in Physics from Imperial College London, and is an Associate of the Royal College of Science. His research interests lie primarily in the application of an understanding of cognitive psychology as a means for providing optimised, evaluated, and effective learning experiences or healthcare interventions. He led the final stage delivery of the evaluation of Code of Everand, commissioned in 2009 by the Department for Transport and the largest publicly funded serious game project in the UK to date. He also led the SGI contribution to ALICE, a €2.2m EU-funded FP7 project developing next-generation adaptive learning environments, which was awarded the highest possible rating by the European Commission on conclusion in 2012.

  • Vasiliki Papageorgiou (Vily) completed the BA in “Early Childhood Education” (with First Class Honours) at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She holds an MA in “Learning, Technology and Education” (with Distinction) at the University of Nottingham. Vasiliki has acted as the principal investigator for several studies with students using a range of research methodologies and methods. Her research projects have mainly focused on young students’ social interaction during their learning. Her research has also addressed the design, implementation and evaluation of collaborative learning activities underpinned by teaching and learning principles and innovative pedagogies. Additionally, through projects she has investigated the use of technologies for teaching and learning, the design of online courses and game-based approaches. Vasiliki is a qualified teacher and has an international experience in teaching pre-school and primary school students (including children with special needs). Vasiliki's passion for excellence, creativity and critical thinking has driven her to join the Serious Games Research group at Coventry University as a Research Assistant and contribute to the development and support of serious games projects including EU educational projects.

  • Rory Dixon: he is a technical developer at the Serious Games Institute where he has been part of the team since 2013. He has been working through multiple projects to completion, both individually and as part of large teams. Rory is a programmer, but in many cases, also a 3D/2D designer. He specializes in Unity development having used it as a main development platform for over 5 years, and although flexible tend to prefer to code in C#, C++, Python and Java. Through the last few years he has been heavily involved with maintaining development pipelines and implementing his own software designs in projects, so also tend to be a good development manager. Being a heavy Unity developer, I'm also used to developing for multiple platforms and exporting projects for optimization for use on handhelds or web deployment using Java Environments.

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