Akademie füberufliche, Bildung gGmbH

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Project Manager: Lars Oertel


Akademie für berufliche Bildung gGmbH - AFBB

Blasewitzer Straße 60


01307 Dresden




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The Academy for Vocational Education and Training (AFBB) has its headquarters in Dresden. With its subsidiaries in Berlin and Cologne, it has several vocational schools as well as a private university of applied sciences with together about 1.500 trainees and students in 25 professions. The various education programs are characterized by quality and practical training and lead to recognized qualifications. Beside qualified teachers, modern teaching methods and interdisciplinary courses AFBB offers job-specific additional qualifications and multi-week internships. Furthermore, the AFBB has extensive experience in the implementation of several of the EU-funded projects as Lead Partner and project partners. Our commitment to quality is supported by a quality management system that fulfils the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 and the Recognition and Approval Regulation - Employment Promotion (AZAV).

AFBB is one of the project applicants in Germany with the highest number of LdV-mobilities for their students. AFBB was one of twelve nationwide project holders of the pilot initiative “DECVET”. It was coordinator and/or partner of several ECVET-Projects to transfer and adapt project results. The project management department focuses on 4 main areas: ECVET (Recognition of prior learning and qualification’s standard in Vocational Education and Training), Inclusion, Digitalization in Vocational Education and Training, Sustainability. In each of these area the AFBB develops and implement project at national and European level.

The AFBB has extensive experience in developing specific training for each of its main qualification’s areas and provides praxis partners for its trainees on a large scale. AFBB intends to improve digitalization in its training’s methods and provides trainees with opportunities to acquire knowledge and competences through digital tools. In order to bridge the gap between traditional and digital learning experience AFBB is testing several methods and technics which support teachers, trainers and trainees during and between the lessons. AFBB is developing and testing programs for media competences in the school and cooperates with the Media Centre of the Technical University in Dresden. The IT department has been recently enlarged to provide extensive support and improve quality for teachers and learners during education. The main role to be played by AFBB in the STEAM project is to provide substantial experience in teaching methods and test the developed tools among its personal and attendees. Given the large number of trainees, the wide variety of educational offers and the many years of activity in education, AFBB handles the interaction between organization, teachers and learners with flexibility (individual training’s plan) and according to the national educational standards.

The personnel involved in this project has extensive experience in international project’ management, teaching and learning methods and activities, it has expertise in handling ICT and cooperation with stakeholders in the DUAL EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM.

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